Dominic WYK Kanak

Dominic WY Kanak

Torres Strait Islander grandfather of an Erub-Epi Murri-Yorta Yorta family

Waverley Councillor, boondiboondi Bondi Ward
Greens Candidate for Wentworth
Dominic WY Kanak is a proud First Nations man and long-term community activist, passionate about justice for all peoples and the planet.
As a Waverley Councillor since 1999, Dominic has delivered for the boondiboondi Bondi community at the grassroots.

He knows how the values and needs of our community are ignored in Canberra by the Coalition government and is passionate about delivering a federal ICAC to bring integrity to decision making.

Dominic has been a leader of climate change action and justice for First Nations peoples.

First Nations Peoples on council

First Nations Peoples on council

Sovereignty, as the inherent right of First Nations peoples to exercise custodianship over land, water and sky, is the system of governance that looks after Country and community. It so happens that it is also what local government is supposed to do for our contemporary municipal communities.

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