About the Blak Greens

We are a member group of the Australian Greens, founded and led by First Nations members. We also call ourselves the Blak Greens.

The continued legacy of colonialism has not yet fully recognised the sovereignty of our First Nations peoples across the entire continent of Australia. This is a wrong that must be made right. Endemic racism, oppressive laws and policies, misunderstanding, ignorance and the lack of knowledge and education has meant that First Nations peoples have generationally been subject to policies and legislation that have impoverished many lives.

At present, many still live in poverty and disadvantage, without the same rights and services that other Australians enjoy. We are working for change, so that future generations of First Nations children can dream of better things.

We are a grassroots group which works with the input and ideas of all our members. We have state and territory Blak Greens groups, and a national group that meets every couple of weeks online. As a network, we work towards the healing, respect, self-determination and sovereignty of all First Nations peoples in our Country.

When you join the Greens First Nations Network you can get involved in election campaigns, meet other people who share your values, have a real say in Greens policy and candidates, and even run for parliament or local government yourself. We’re here to work together and support each other.

The Australian Greens First Nations Network welcomes all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join our movement.

Join the Greens

The First Nations Network is part of the Australian Greens. By joining as a Greens member and telling us you are a First Nations person, you can be part of our member network.

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Already a Greens member and want to join the network? As a First Nations member of the Greens, we encourage you to get involved with your local State or Territory First Nations network.

Contact our Membership Officer for more information on how to get involved.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, would like to support the Blak Greens, or just want to have a yarn, please reach out:

James Williams